“The movement that has become Italianality stemmed from a lifelong dream: a vision bridging a unique sense of my Australian and Italian identity. That vision gave birth to an ideas competition that saw the launch of the Venice Biennale Australian Pavilion in 2010. The façade that now fronts Café Di Stasio – an award winning installation in it’s own right – is a personal expression of my pride in this achievement. As an inspiration, the Venice experience provides a rich and unique opportunity to dream bigger, to envision a legacy.”

What is meant by Italianality? It is a convergence – the intersecting point where Rinaldo’s passions and interests collide: culinary, urban, traditional, modern, historical, artistic, literary, design, architectural, photographic, musical, filmic and linguistic. At the heart of all this is the Di Stasio brand – they are intrinsically bound up with the exploration that is Italianality.

“It is a cultural enquiry, a conversation with my past as much as with my now – and an interrogation of my where to next. It is the essence of a cultural identity, individuality and uniqueness, a journey home – across the where and who I came from to the who which that has allowed me to become. It is my uniquely Italian Australianness, and my uniquely Australian Italianality…” 

Italianality is a cultural and critical engagement with the ideas, architecture, design, photography, art, words, culture, history and tradition of your intersecting Australian and Italian identities. And it is an exploration of the way we come together, commune and navigate our civic spaces, in a social and civic sense, through the architectural, design, literary, photographic, artistic and culinary realms. As Italianality has gained momentum Rinaldo has taken further steps to safeguard its future and potential. Italianality has been trademarked across the globe and despite interest from various quarters to utilise it in a commercial capacity the brand has been maintained as per his original intentions.

Venice Pavilion
Italian Masterpieces