Café Di Stasio

“If mood could be bottled, they might sell it here on the low-lit, marble-topped counter, next to the big silver water jug, not far from the evocative Bill Henson image on the wall.” AGE GOOD FOOD GUIDE 2008.

Café Di Stasio is now celebrating it’s 25th year. Long considered a Melbourne institution – this small dining room treads a very fine line between well-mannered elegance and indulgent decadence. With its intimate atmosphere, it has been said that at Di Stasio “there are club members … those that want to be club members … and those that will never be…”

Long-serving white-jacketed waiters lead you through a list of daily specials utilizing the best seasonal produce – Italian truffles, lobster and twice-daily made fresh pasta. These – coupled with an extensive printed menu of house specialities provide choices for all tastes, be it seafood, game or vegetarian options.

“… Cafe Di Stasio is pure, born of the singular vision that pervades every nook of this unique restaurant …”